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We are a well-recognized manufacturer and supplier of Single Girder E.O.T. Crane. It is also known as the Single Girder Electrical Overhead Traveling Crane. It is manufactured with confirming IS-3177. Single Girder EOT Crane comes with a wire rope, electric motor brake, hook, pulley, drum, and several other components. It passes through rails attached to Single & Double Gantry Girders.

It is suitable for all types of working space. Its flexible fitting arrangement helps it to fit in odd types of working spaces. It is made to utilize maximum working space. 

Single-girder EOT cranes are used in so many industries for material handling units. We offer our range of craned with many options. We offer hand-operated trolleys and electric trolleys. It is manufactured and checked according to international standards. It is provided with the latest control system. It is used in many industrial applications like cement, warehouses, and the automobile industry. It is also used in heavy engineering applications.

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For many industrial applications, the EOT crane provides a dependable and secure option among material handling equipment. Along with numerous other parts, this crane also has a wire rope, hook, electric motor brake, drum, and pulley. It moves by rails that are fastened to gantry girders. An EOT crane’s bridge girder, which is made up of U and I beams as well as other rolled sections, is its main structural component. To support this bridge girder, there are two end carriages, each of which has two wheels. This bridge girder has a wire rope hoist hanging below it. By hanging from the rope hoist, a pendant station can be used to control the crane. This pendant station can be customized by the manufacturer and is not dependent on the hoist movement.

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