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Material handling, which involves the bulk transfer of commodities from one location to another and modifies the character of the materials, is a crucial department in every industrial industry. In the most lucrative and important area, costs may be kept to a minimum. These bulky commodities require laborers to move them, and their protection is inadequate. Prices that are reduced result in inferior final product quality. Modheshwari engineering and Fabricators is a strong and effective Single Beam EOT Crane to spare enterprises from every difficulty.The EOT (Electronic overhead traveling) crane /Single Beam EOT Crane is a vital piece of industrial machinery used in material handling. Overhead EOT single girder cranes are used to carry structures using a trolley-mounted hoist. It falls into the category of regular cranes. Overhead cranes are classified into two types depending on the number of crosses–girders and the type of operating..

Single Girder EOT/HOT Crane Manufacturer in Surat

Single Girder EOT Crane ?

An EOT crane with a single girder is dependable, stable, and economical. It includes EOT cranes for handling materials that can lift up to 30 tons and are beneficial for the material-handling sector. The Single Beam EOT Crane was created by Modheshwari engineering, a manufacturer of single girder EOT crane, for light-duty and transient use. It is made up of a wire cord, a drum, a pulley, a hook, an electric motor brake, and numerous other parts that travel between rails attached to gantry girders.

According to the most recent Indian regulations, Modheshwari engineering is one of India’s top producers and suppliers of single girder EOT crane. Modheshwari engineering and fabricators is also a versatile alternative for various sectors for Single Beam EOT Crane from a practical aspect.

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Modheshwari engineering and fabricators

High-quality raw materials and components, including Beams, Brakes, and Motors, are used in the production of our Overhead EOT Cranes. Up to 100 tons of weight can be supported by our selection of Single Beam EOT Crane. These are frequently used in manufacturing, foundries, and machine shops. To better serve our customers, our collection can also be altered.

One of the top single girder EOT crane producers in India, Modheshwari engineering and Fabricators, offers standards with the best possible quality protection and built-in safety measures. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit applications ranging from modest and light-duty to enormous and heavy-dutyaccommodate small and light-duty applications to massive and heavy-duty ones.

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