Heavy Duty Goliath Cranes

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The Heavy Duty Goliath Crane is the best option for heavy-duty applications in industry and provides an affordable solution. This is easy to install and has a number of safety features. All engineers pick this option since it is the most practical. The big Duty Goliath Crane is a well-known, cost-effective option for big load applications. The carne contains a number of safety features and helps with outdoor installation. It comes with a variety of functional and safety components and is perfectly suited for large load applications. Its lifting system is secure and cost-effective.

Gantry cranes are used to raise large objects when it is necessary to do so. They operate by using a crane to raise huge objects, and they can move across rails that are positioned under beams on a level surface. Gantry cranes are frequently used for transporting buildings where heavy components and motors need to be fixed. They are used to lift huge objects. Since they were created in the contemporary era, gantry cranes have a wide range of applications.

Feature of Heavy Duty Goliath Crane

  • Capacity –
  • Single Girder crane up to 10 ton.
  • Double Girder Crane up to 40 ton.
  • Span – Up to 30 mtr.
  • Long travel speed – Up to 15 mtr / min.
  • Cross travel speed – UP to 15 mtr / min.
  • Used for outdoor applications – Ship yards, Construction area.
  • Travel on rails are installed on ground surface.
  • Cost effective – economical solution
Heavy Duty Goliath Cranes

Heavy Duty Goliath Cranes India


  • The crane is controlled from pendent push button station is suspended from one end of bridge at a suitable height from the floor level, operating at 110 V or  420 V or 240 V which ensure safety to the operator.
  • Dust proof powder coated sheet – metal housing consists of contactors overload relays fuses, transformers etc.
  • Emergency stop button in all cranes to shutting of the power to the main connector
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