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Top Goliath Crane Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier From Ahmedabad, India

The Goliath Crane, often referred to as the Gantry Crane, is an extension of the EOT Crane that continues on rails that are mounted at floor level rather than rails that are fixed at an elevated height with the use of its own legs (upholds). As a result, the building is no longer necessary, which lowers capital costs. Goliath Crane is mostly utilized outside because it doesn’t need any kind of framework. These can, however, also be put in place inside a closed structure. One of India’s first producers, exporters, and suppliers of gantry cranes is Modheshwari Engineering and Fabricators. The company has established a reputation for producing superior overhead cranes and hoists that are useful to clients from a variety of industries. Modheshwari Engineering and Fabricators has grown because to technological developments and trustworthy solution one of India’s top crane manufacturers.

These cranes are frequently used for outside tasks including loading and unloading straight onto trailers or relocating equipment within the yard for storage needs. It is usual practice to employ gantry cranes, sometimes known as Goliath cranes, for tasks in steel stock yards, pre-projected section yards, construction sites, and other outside applications.

Goliath Crane Manufacturer, exporter, supplier, india

Feature of Goliath Crane

  • Capacity 
  • Single Girder crane up to 10 ton.
  • Double Girder Crane up to 40 ton.
  • Span:Up to 30 mtr.
  • Long travel speed:Up to 15 mtr / min.
  • Cross travel speed:UP to 15 mtr / min.
  • Used for outdoor applications – Ship yards, Construction area.
  • Travel on rails are installed on ground surface.
  • Cost effective– economical solution
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