Eot Crane Manufacturer

EOT Cranes Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, ईओटी क्रेन, अहमदाबाद, Gujarat

Modheshwari Engineering & Fabricators is One of the trusted manufacture, exporter, supplier of the EOT crane based from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India EOT crane, or Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes is electrically powered and operated by a control pendant, radio/IR remote pendant. Overhead cranes that run on electricity are known as electric overhead traveling cranes (EOT cranes). For the effective and precise lifting and moving of big goods inside a specific region, they are widely utilized in a variety of sectors. The main characteristics and elements of electric overhead traveling cranes are listed below:

An electric overhead moving crane is comprised of a bridge that extends across the working space’s breadth. Usually built of steel, the bridge is supported by gantry legs or end trucks. It moves along runway beams or elevated tracks.Electric Hoist: To raise and lower weights, electric overhead moving cranes use an electrically powered hoist. The hoist is situated on the bridge and can be controlled remotely or with controls on the crane. Electric hoists have a wide range of weight capabilities and provide fine control over the lifting operation

Electric overhead moving cranes may carry loads weighing anything from a few hundred kilograms and several hundred tons or more. The crane’s load capacity is determined by its design, construction, and componentry as well as by the building’s or support system’s structural strength. Electric overhead traveling cranes come with a number of safety elements to guarantee a secure operation. Overload protection devices, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, anti-collision systems, and warning alarms are a few examples of these features. To keep the crane in a safe functioning state, regular maintenance and inspections are required.


Electric overhead traveling cranes are versatile and can be tailored to meet particular lifting needs and working conditions. To suit the requirements of diverse industries and applications, they can be constructed with varying spans, lifting heights, and configurations.

Electric overhead traveling cranes are a vital asset in industrial settings because they have precise and effective lifting capabilities. When correctly used and maintained, they increase safety, increase productivity, and decrease manual work.

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