We are baked by high-tech work shop and dedicated team of experienced engineers. With contemporary instruments and machinery, we have designed and developed single girder electric overhead traveling crane. Some tasks can be fulfilled by machine only.

It is too hard to work out manually to move or transport heavy objects. In the modern industrial concept, all little works are been done with machine. We make single girder electric overhead traveling crane that is used in many industrial applications. It is used in assembly line as well as in packing in various industries.

Versatile and powerful cranes can be suitable to different size and shape of the work space. It contains flexible fitting facility that helps to utilize maximum working space. It can be fit in small area too. It is available with centre span, hoists and trolleys with different and suitable option. It is provided with hand operated trolleys or electric trolley and wire rope hoists or electric chain hoist. Our single girder overhead traveling cranes are used in various industries like plastic, automobile and general engineering.

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